Christmas EP 2015

by Geertruida

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Photo: Madelief Geus & Sim Kaart
Mastering: Matthijs Koster

Geertruida is back with a corny ass Christmas EP

Once again we asked some fine bands for their take on what a Christmas song should be like. The results are in and Geertruida Christmas EP II is here! Corny, tacky, lame all in the true spirit of baby Jesus Christ and his extended family. If you don’t believe in the holy baby, then strap on your Viking helmet and start burning some Christmas trees. Happy listening.


Bismuth has delivered what very well might be the first ever industrial Christmas song. It sounds something like things going horribly wrong in Santa’s Christmas presents factory, like a big pile up of the present wrapping construction line and all the elves going crazy. Bismuth were there to record those sounds apparently. We don’t know, but they have put it in some loops, added some effects, and it sounds awesome.

Floris Bates

Floris Bates wrote a ‘whammalicious’ Christmas song for our previous Christmas EP. And now he’s back with a ballad, explaining how much he wants to kiss his girl ‘underneath the cameltoe’. Just a very Floris Bates way of wishing you a very happy Kissmass. We approve of his message because making love is very important.

Douwe Doorduin

Douwe (from Groningen punk rock outfit The Black Cult) is probably one of the handsomest guys walking around in the Dutch music industry. And now he just wants to get laid for Christmas. And it sounds like he is really trying, just listen to that shredding guitar solo. Give him a present girls. Christmas wishes should be granted. Call us for his phone number. Just look at this pretty face:


Our Danish friends of Keminova joining in on the fun of Christmas! They are right, there indeed are ‘strangers in the night’. They are running around bringing you ‘presents’. What’s up with that, it sounds creepy right! So remember to watch yourself, and the neighbourhood around Christmas time. Strange things happening, Christmas is here.

ET Explore Me & De Kliko’s

Silent Night, kiss our asses! Let’s be loud! ET Explore Me and De Kliko’s teaming up to make noise.. hell yeah! Two of the finest bands from Haarlem (Geertruida hometown) with a brand new Christmas song ‘Silent Night’, a festivus song that can be played on the radio for all eternity if you ask us.


released December 20, 2015



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Geertruida North Holland, Netherlands

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